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Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill, Kenya
15 - 17 November 2022


Lindah Nalubanga Kasiisa is an economist by profession  and currently the Senior National Content Officer heading the unit  of Man Power Regulation at the Petroleum Authority of Uganda .Previously, she worked with the Office of Auditor General of Uganda  in the department of Value for Money  as an Economist  where she was charged with assessing the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of government programs/projects especially in the field of Energy and Environment. She also contributed greatly as a  researcher to the Extractive Resource Hub Project in the United Kingdom in the field of oil and gas.

Lindah holds a Master of Arts in Economic Policy and Planning as well as Master of Science in Energy  studies from  Makerere University (Uganda) and University of Dundee(United Kingdom) respectively. She has also extensively trained in the areas of local content and performance auditing.

She has over 8 years experience in dealing with regulatory and policy issues surrounding the oil and gas sector and greatly  participated in international collaborations with the governments of the oil producing countries such as Norway ,Ghana, Nigeria ,Kenya , southern Sudan in the area of Energy governance. In regards she participated in the performance audits of  National content ,Management of petroleum data Environmental Impact Assessments, drilling waste in the petroleum sector of Uganda.

As an Economist she contributed greatly to the introduction of economic models while measuring performance of entities among which the basic econometric models; simulations; sensitivity analysis and the Data Enveloping Analysis (DEA.In addition she has contributed greatly to the development of  government strategies, plans and guidelines  such as the Energy sector Strategic Audit plan, e-work permit strategy and National Content Guidelines.

She has also been key in directing the skilling for oil and gas sector in Uganda and has greatly contributed to the formation of the Oil and Gas Training Association for Uganda and also selected as a steering committee member to guide the formation of the Busoga International Polytech an Institute that will be key in the training for oil and gas sector.

Lindah  has Authored and published papers /articles in the areas of  Environment and climate change, Economics, and Energy.

Her hard work  earned her a SNAO prize for being part of the team that produced the best performance Audit report in the African  Speaking region; a prestige held by her previous office up to date. Consequently, she was recognized as a trainer in performance auditing under the AFROSA-E region and played a great role in introducing performance auditing in  Eritrea as well as assessing the preparedness of Uganda to implement the sustainable development goals.

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